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Cooling Systems

Teaser (Cooling Systems)

ndustry, administration, laboratories, data centers – KLW provides independent, competent consulting in the selection of the right cooling or air conditioning design for the customer.

We install, deliver, operate, and maintain:

  • Refrigeration plants
  • Air conditioners
  • Water chillers
  • Industrial cooling
  • Specialized systems
  • Ammonia systems
  • Absorption systems
  • Kitchen systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Heat pumps
  • Cold rooms
  • Cold storage

Our goal is economical operation appropriate to your needs, along with long-term preservation of value.

Our specialists see themselves as problem solvers when faced with malfunctions or failures of complex cooling and air conditioning systems.

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Heating and Ventilation Systems

Teaser (Heating and Ventilation Systems)

KLW handles the consulting, planning, implementation, and service of heating and ventilation systems in residential, office and other commercial properties and in production facilities.

Our services specifically also include:

  • Service and maintenance of laboratory exhaust systems (fume hoods)
  • Planning and Construction of Clean-Rooms for laboratories

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Water Systems

Teaser (Water Systems)

KLW considers itself a specialist in the consulting, building, and maintenance of water systems installations and accessories:

  • Water softening systems
  • De-icing systems
  • De-acidification systems
  • Demineralization systems
  • Activated charcoal filtering systems
  • Gravel filter systems
  • Multilayer filter systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Drainage systems

Along with these services, we can also procure the chemicals and filter materials our customers need, as well as providing professional installation for high-quality systems operation.

We offer the latest in membrane technology, including the associated components, implementing them for our customers with great success.

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Electrical Engineering

Teaser (Electrical Engineering)

The Electrical Engineering division is KLW's newest division, and was added to our service portfolio due to customer demand.

Our services begin with the planning and installation of electrical systems (MSR systems), go on to cover electrical systems management for residential and office complexes and production facilities, and even include examinations to discover power optimization potential (power management.)

In the context of planning and consulting services, we work together with selected partners, including our enterprise group partner eBuilding GmbH.

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Technical Facility Management

Teaser (Technical Facility Management)

KLW can ensure the technical functionality and efficiency for all real estate objects.

These services include:

  • Operational management
  • Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Energy management

Besides a guarantee of continual operational readiness, it is also essential to observe numerous legal regulations and rules.

Further goals of a comprehensive technical object management service are:

  • Minimizing operating costs
  • Ensuring user satisfaction
  • Achievement of sustainability
  • Maximizing of return on investment (ROI)

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